What's the Word on the Street?

I thought the book was good! It was honest and straight forward. It was easy to read and understand, and gave a lot of good facts that many people have no idea about. I think its an excellent resource for parents who believe their kid can play at the next level. Overall great job man!

Walt Holland

I like the fact how it was written so a small child could understand it; this book was not only helpful for parents, kids, and athletes but anyone can apply the knowledge to get to the next level in their life. This will be a great book to be placed in the school system. Awesome job on this book!! To God be the Glory! Peace & Blessings!

GiGi Hicks

This book is a great read for anyone that has kids that are seriously interested in playing any sport at the next level. There's a great deal of information that I was completely unaware of as far as the amount of work it takes  and what coaches look for when selecting someone to play on the college level. The statistics alone blew my mind. I have a son that just graduated from high school and will be going on to play at the college level, but I wish I had this book earlier because we didn't prepare like we should have and getting my son to where he is now was not as easy as I thought it would have been. We also have athletic girls coming up and thanks to the wealth of knowledge in this book we are already starting to prepare them and getting it set in their minds exactly what it will take to be that next level athlete. Thank you Amonzo for following your dream and creating this great guide for athletes and parents to follow.

Latrina Jenkins